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About Fernández Legal

Fernandez Legal is devoted to the clients we are privileged to represent, and we strive to affect the best possible outcome for each matter. Our boutique approach to legal practice allows our firm to focus on the areas of transactional law most needed by our clients.  The firm’s attorneys’ main focus is the representation of commercial clients in the areas of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate transactions, commercial leasing, land use, trademarks and franchise matters.   For many of our long-time clients, Fernandez Legal serves as an extension of their in-house legal department or as an outsourced legal department handling day-to-day commercial legal matters, contracts, and transactions.   The firm’s estate planning, asset protection, tax and probate are important components of our holistic approach to ensuring the best outcomes for the businesses and individuals we represent.

Eduardo J. Fernández, Esq., MBA

Founder and Managing Attorney

committed to providing superior legal guidance and legal representation

Legal Practice Areas

Corporate Governance Legal Services

The team of attorneys at Fernandez Legal offers a full range of corporate governance solutions and strategies to help structure and keep your organization headed in the right direction.

Corporate Law

We provide accessible, affordable, and diligent legal representation to help you with asset protection and general counsel. Supporting new business start-ups, established businesses, businesses in transition and with partners who are interested in selling off their share of a business. The team at Fernandez Legal are dedicated to providing reliable strategic solutions for our clients.

General and Commercial Real Estate Law

Looking for robust legal representation for your real estate transaction? Fernandez Legal provides representation on all legal aspects of both residential and commercial real estate transactions. We understand the intricacies associated with commercial real estate, development deals or land use and can provide residential and commercial real estate transaction support from buying to selling. Our team covers all your needs by providing experienced legal support to protect your interests.

Health Care LAw

The Healthcare industry laws can be a maze of confusing rules and regulations, making it hard to understand your rights. We are here to help. We understand the intricacies of employment contracts and non-compete agreements, marketing arrangements, regulatory issues, and business issues. We are here to help you navigate business issues in the current healthcare environment.

Negotiating Contracts

With years of successful contract negotiation experience leading to favorable outcomes for countless client we understand how to best protect your interests and create an amicable and fair negotiation experience for both parties. We can assist in negotiating contracts, negotiating settlements and the negotiation of agreements with other partners, vendors, distributors or other parties in relation to your business deals. 

Managing Organizational Risk

Every organization needs to identify and define the legal risk it faces, as well as the scope of those risks. Fernandez Legal helps businesses identify these risks to avoid a negative impact, but also assist in pursuing a positive impact on business opportunities so you can grow your business, build profits and develop systems to become an industry leader.

Public and Private Equity and Debt Offerings

At Fernandez Legal we work with businesses to determine and identify opportunities for public and private equity and debt offerings. We work with public and private issuers, underwriters, placement agents and investors in a wide variety of public and private securities offerings. 

Contracts Law

Whether it’s the initial drafting or a contract dispute, having a capable attorney is an important part of protecting your rights. The attorneys at Fernadez Legal are proficient in the creation, review and evaluation of contracts, as well as contract negotiations. We work with domestic and international companies and can assist in resolving any contracts law questions that you may have.

Mergers and Acquisitions

At Fernandez Legal we work to help you manage and identify factors what will help determine whether your business should merge or make a strategic alliance with another company. Our lawyers have experience representing private equity funds, companies growing by acquisition, and private investors seeking to purchase businesses for investment purposes.

Why Clients Choose Us


We understand that for an organization’s legal transactions to always work to the best resolution, forethought and planning are key. The team at Fernandez Legal knows how to manage corporate legal matters that are advantageous, fair and equitable to the parties, which helps our clients to maintain high levels of rapport with their customers, vendors, distributors, corporate partners and other legally associated parties to the business transactions being managed.


When clients need an experienced lawyer on their side, they will know that their legal transactions are handled with skill and expertise by hiring Fernandez Law for their legal representation of all corporate matters. We help clients to manage their legal issues and will work with them from start to finish on all legal matters important to the client.


Our boutique approach to your legal needs means you get highly-personalized expertise when you need it. Forethought and planning are two pillars of our legal approach. At Fernandez Legal, we know how to manage client needs in a way that allows for forward movement in a business and positive relationships all around. 

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    • Fernandez Legal were instrumental in my company’s success. They assisted with all my legal needs including contracts, negotiations, leases and all corporate matters. They were most helpful with the negotiation and sale of my company to Vocera Communications NYSE:VCRA. Eddie and his team provided strategic counsel, legal expertise and a calm voice throughout the process. I will forever be grateful for our successful partnership. 

      Patrick de la Roza
      CEO Ease Applications
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